Barbadillo of the Market

Barbadillo del Mercado is located 48 km from the city of Burgos, very close to Salas de los Infantes, in the Sierra de la Demanda. It has about 150 inhabitants, more than 2,000 in summer, and some essential services, such as 2 lodgings, 3 bars and 2 restaurants, supermarket, doctor's office and pharmacy. We also have a good paddle tennis court.

Its name has two possible origins: the first is that Barbadillo means place of mills (up to seven of which were in use here). The second theory speaks of the proclamation of the researcher Basiliso Cuesta, who mentioned that this term comes from Barba Tello, son of Tello Barba, captain of Alfonso III, while the concept "Mercado" would come from Sancho Mercatero, inhabitant of the caves of the region that He stood out for his holy character.

The festive spirit of the municipality is well known, in which the dance of the Reign, that of the Countryside, danced by girls with bows and the sentimental song Las Lambradas prevail.

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