Occupation. Seats: Important

The getaways involve a stay in our rural house. The Rural House is for 4 people, adults all of them. If you want to bring children you must specify this aspect previously by phone. Always a maximum of 4 people.

The Rural House can only be occupied with the number of people indicated in the reservation (both adults and children). In no case can this figure be exceeded.


In the event that the number of occupants of the rented house is greater than the number indicated in the contract and declared in the entry document and, consequently, of the registration forms that are delivered to the authorities, the OWNER reserves the right to right of admission and will notify the authority, exempting himself from any incident that may occur in the rural house, derived from an over-occupancy.

The house is provided with facilities, spaces and furniture according to the capacity with which it has been rented. Any improper use of the house will not entitle the CLIENT to any claim. On the contrary, in the event of any damage caused by improper use by the CLIENT, the CLIENT assumes responsibility and will have to pay the total cost of the repair that is necessary and the cost of cancellation for future clients if the damage does not allow the use of the house. in the reservation conditions.

Piscina climatizada con cascada

Rural getaway for 4 people to La Costana de Barbadillo

This is where you will rest. From your daily life wherever you live. And also the daily outings to enjoy and get to know this territory. Surely you are already seeing each other here!

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