Misa en canto gregoriano en el Monasterio de Santo Domingo de Silos Escapadas rurales La Costana

Mass in Gregorian chant at the Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos

Hearing the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos sing, a few kilometers from Barbadillo del Mercado, is a unique pleasure if you are a music lover, if you are religious, or simply if you appreciate the good things in life.

Typical of a slow experience, here, every day at 9 in the morning, or at 11 if it's Sunday or a holiday, during the celebration of mass, you can hear the Gregorian chant.

How the Abbey of Silos collects

"Gregorian chant is part of the tradition of the Catholic Church. It has, by its very nature, a central place in the liturgy, in the celebration and prayer of the people of God. The Gregorian repertoire is found in liturgical books, mainly in the Gradual for the pieces that are used in the Mass and the Antiphonary for those of the Divine Office..."

And since one goes to the Monastery first thing in the morning, what better way to complete the experience than to visit the Romanesque cloister and at least the apothecary... unless it's Monday, the day they close.

You can accompany this experience with a visit to a winery, a tour of the town, and even go to the La Yecla Gorge or enter the Sabinares del Arlanza Natural Park.