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What is La Costana rural getaways?

Rural getaways La Costana are stays in a rural house. From there we have worked on creating itineraries with proposals for different types of activities, cultural, in nature, active getaways, gastronomy, wine tourism, playing golf... and we will continue adding varied activities so that each group of 4 people you can return to our territory, the Sierra de la Demanda, and enjoy your getaway.

The base of the getaways is our rural house La Costana de Barbadillo, for 4 people, adults, which is the place to rest, rest, recover the silence and enjoy the trip and what has been lived.

Where is the country house?

Our rural house, and where it all begins, is in Barbadillo del Mercado. Burgos.


If it is a rural house, why are they called getaways?

We have created this denomination "rural getaways" to provide you with a service that our clients of the rural house have already been requesting in their stays.

With the aim of improving the stay in our accommodation, we have selected a series of experiences that allow you to organize your outings and your days here. You will like them.

What do you mean they are adult getaways?

Our getaways are thought and designed for 4 people, adults, with some exceptions. Trips with children must be consulted by phone before booking. Telephone 680 586106

What do we do?

At La Costana Rural Getaways we provide you with the accommodation service in our rural house. And on the other hand, we have structured the visits to the most emblematic places within a radius of about 50 km from the rural house, grouping it by type of experience, by number of days, attending to a specific area, etc. and we have done the work of obtaining schedules , rates and the information that you may need so that it is comfortable and practical for you to make these visits and live those experiences that we propose to you in an effective way. We do not organize the trip for you. We only make you the proposal, we advise you and help you to configure your trip and if you wish we can reserve those experiences for you. We do not acquire your tickets, tickets, menus, etc.

How do we do it?

When we create an experience we go through each element that integrates it. We make visits, we eat in restaurants, we observe times and details in each of the attractions or activities and when you book a getaway in our rural house, we provide you with this information, we advise you on the most suitable way to travel and know the proposal that interests you at the time we contact you to specify the details of your reservation in the following 24/48 hours.

How do I contact La Costana rural getaways?

You can contact by email, phone or whatsapp. Here you also have a form [CONTACT]

What is the process to reserve?

The first thing you should do is know how many days you want your getaway to last. In the main menu RESERVE or through the links that you find browsing our website, you will see that there you have the calendar with the dates available. You choose the getaway in the drop-down and then the date of entry in the calendar. Consecutive days will automatically be marked. Then you continue to fill in the contact information and go to the cart page, apply discounts if you have any, click on pay, fill in your information and pay with a credit or bizum card. We contact you in the following 24/48 hours to finalize the details. Find out about our Terms of service and operations

Can I reserve and pay only one deposit?

No. On this web page "reserving" implies paying the full amount of the getaway. We do not ask for a deposit. If there are any changes when finalizing the details after booking, it will be settled upon your arrival.

How does the website work?

You browse and choose what you are looking for. If you have questions, contact us. If you decide to book, you choose the getaway on the calendar and the dates and proceed to the payment. It is paid by credit card or bizum. Our website is equipped with an SSL security certificate to encrypt card payments, maximum security. You will receive notification of the reservation confirmation by email. Here you have the complete information Terms of service and operations

Can I make a reservation by phone?

You can consult any question, consideration, modification, etc. of the conditions of our getaways by contacting us by phone. Once the doubts have been clarified, you can return to the website to make the reservation if we indicate so. How to contact [CONTACT]

How does the reservation calendar work?

The dates in light gray are not available for making reservations, so once you choose the getaway you like from the dropdown, you must mark the day of the month you want to arrive, and depending on the duration of your getaway, the system will mark and reserve the consecutive days. You can change the month and year. Simply press next and continue and you will arrive at the payment screen.

If I buy a getaway on the web, is it firm, confirmed?

Reservations on our website are confirmed. Even so, we contact the person who has left their information within 24/48 hours to specify arrival and details, etc. that will make your stay a great experience.

How to get a discount voucher?

When you book one of our getaways and come to enjoy your stay, if during it you do any of the experiences that we propose in the territory and you show it to us, we will send you a 10% discount voucher by email for your next getaway with we. Apart from this discount voucher for carrying out our Rural Getaways proposals, La Costana can create others that it will make known in a timely manner.

How do I cancel a reservation?

To cancel a reservation you must call us by phone. Check here [CONTACT] Check our cancellation policy or [CANCELLATION OF RESERVATIONS]

How's the bail thing going, and for what?

Upon arrival at the rural house, on the day of entry, you must pay 40% of the amount of the getaway, by credit card or bizum, which will be returned to you at the time of departure, in order to respond to any possible damage that you may cause. . Please read the complete information Terms of service and operations

If I can't go and I have to cancel the reservation, do I get my money back?

It will depend on the term with which you cancel the reservation. Check here our cancellation policy or [CANCELLATION OF RESERVATIONS]

Can you book the accommodation by yourself?

Yes, you can, in fact it is the only thing you reserve and pay for. To do this, go to the BOOK menu and in the calendar choose the getaway of the duration that matches your tastes. Choose the date of entry and the system will reserve the consecutive days. Continue to the payment screen, fill in your information, pay by card and you will receive confirmation by email, and our call in the following 24/48 hours to specify what is necessary.

Can you buy and book experiences or activities through this website?

No. Through Rural Getaways La Costana you can only buy getaways in our rural house. We will advise you and if you want, once we have agreed with you, we will help you book these activities, but you will pay directly to each company, monument, etc. that you choose.

Can you pay for the reservation when you arrive at the rural house?

As a general rule, no, unless we have specified something else by phone. On the web we have the card payment method, 100% secure since we have an SSL security certificate, necessary for the encryption of card payments. And I pay with bizum.

What can I expect from my booked getaway?

For our part we will specify with you both by phone and upon arrival, the details. If you want more information you just have to ask us. 

What do you not have to expect from your booked getaway?

Transportation from one place to another, and even to our rural house is not included, nor are the activities you do, nor the tickets, nor meals... with the exception of what Escapadas Rurales La Costana wants to give away.

What do I do if something about the getaway doesn't work for me?

You just have to contact us and we will discuss it, no problem. Our data here [CONTACT]

What do I do if I want a getaway for 2 people?

As a general rule, our getaways are for 4 people. Sometimes we generate special promotions for couples, for 2 people. It is also possible to book a getaway just for 2. You just have to contact us and we will discuss it, no problem. Our data here [ CONTACT ]

How can I make changes to the getaway or accommodation I've already booked?

You just have to contact us and we will discuss it, no problem. Our data here [ CONTACT ]

Where can I find information about each experience or proposal?

In the PROPOSALS menu, look for the proposal you want and agree to consult the information there. If you want more details you just have to contact us. Our data here [CONTACT]

Where can I find information about what to see in the area?

In the DISCOVER menu, we have created 4 guides that will help you. You have Experiences, The Territory, Nature and Events that you cannot miss.

Does the house have wifi?

Yes, it has free internet connection.

Is the town very big?

150 inhabitants, except in summer when it exceeds 2,000

Is there a supermarket in the town that opens on the weekend?

Yes, you have a supermarket. Also pharmacy, paddle tennis court, 3 bars and 2 restaurants and doctor's office.

Do we have somewhere for dinner on arrival day if we are late?

In the village there are several restaurants and bars. Even so, La Costana de Barbadillo gives its guests dinner on the day of arrival, in the rural house, so that you can rest from the trip and not worry about anything.

Where can we have breakfast on the first day if we haven't brought anything?

Like the dinner on the day of arrival, La Costana de Barbadillo invites you to breakfast the next day so that you have time to shop or what you consider better.

What do I do if I have a problem during my stay?

You just have to contact us by phone. Please don't stop doing it. Phone and whatsapp 680 586106

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