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The Costana. getaways

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Rural getaways La Costana is another way of doing tourism in rural areas.

At La Costana de Barbadillo we not only take care of your rest and well-being at home, but we also want you to enjoy and get to know the environment in which we find ourselves.

Staying in our rural house you can visit the Sierra de la Demanda, the Ribera del Arlanza, the city of Burgos and Atapuerca or the Tierra de Pinares de Burgos and Soria.

Choose your getaway according to the days you have free and then take a look at our proposals to get to know and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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  • Card and Bizum

This is your rural getaway

The base of La Costana rural getaways is our rural house for 4 people, adults, which is the place where you can rest, rest, recover the silence and enjoy the trip and what you have experienced.

Your getaway will be in a modern rural house, equipped with all the comforts, including an indoor heated pool , and located in a quiet rural space, where time passes slowly and allows us to stop the dizzying pace that sometimes surrounds us all.

Our rural house is called LA COSTANA DE BARBADILLO , it has 4 PLACES and is for full, complete RENTAL .

4-star rural house La Costana de Barbadillo

It is officially classified by the Junta de Castilla y León as a 4-star Rural House .

And the location, in Barbadillo del Mercado, a town in the province of Burgos close to Salas de los Infantes and Santo Domingo de Silos, within the Sierra de la Demanda and the Sabinares del Arlanza Natural Park, allows you to live cultural, gastronomic, active ... very diverse.

If you like rural tourism , this has to be your next getaway!

If you are from slow travel , we have space and proposals for you!

If you are passionate about popular tradition , come to know our towns, you will find in them what you are looking for!

And if you let us advise you, you will live a rewarding experience !

Details of our rural house

rooms of the house


Large and complete kitchen to cover all kinds of needs. Assorted household appliances and everyday consumables such as oil, salt, coffee, infusions, sugar... so you can cook without any problem.

Living room

Spacious and open living room with dining table and work area.

  • Television
  • Work zone
  • Free Wi-Fi included


Two bathrooms to cover the needs of the 4 occupants. With towels, hairdryer, shampoo...


Large outdoor terrace with swimming pool included, and covered, so that climatic changes do not spoil your stay.


Two bedrooms, one with a double bed, and the other with two single beds, enough for 4 people. With access to the terrace and pool. Comfortable bedrooms with large windows to rest.

house services


Free Wi-Fi to enjoy multimedia entertainment or work on those pending things.


Parking inside the house where you can leave your car or bikes or whatever you want.

Climatized pool

Large indoor heated pool to enjoy even on cloudy days.

some snacking

We include basic things, such as coffee, pasta, sugar, salt...


Complete kitchen to cover all kinds of needs

Washing machine

Washing machine ready to do laundry

Work zone

Work area for those pending things that cannot be postponed.

Other services:

  • Towels, sheets, soap and toilet paper.
  • hangers
  • Television
  • Heating
  • Air-conditioning
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Independent entrance to the street
  • bikes

External services

Being the house in the middle of the town, we have all kinds of services one step away from the house.

  • 2 Accommodations
  • 3 bars
  • 2 Restaurants
  • Supermarket
  • Doctor's office
  • Pharmacy
  • paddle court

The town: Barbadillo del Mercado

Barbadillo del Mercado is located 48 km from the city of Burgos, very close to Salas de los Infantes, in the Sierra de la Demanda. It has about 150 inhabitants, more than 2,000 in summer, and some essential services, such as 2 lodgings, 3 bars and 2 restaurants, supermarket, doctor's office and pharmacy. We also have a good paddle tennis court.

Its name has two possible origins: the first is that Barbadillo means place of mills (up to seven of which were in use here). The second theory speaks of the proclamation of the researcher Basiliso Cuesta, who mentioned that this term comes from Barba Tello, son of Tello Barba, captain of Alfonso III, while the concept "Mercado" would come from Sancho Mercatero, inhabitant of the caves of the region that He stood out for his holy character.

The festive spirit of the municipality is well known, in which the dance of the Reign, that of the Countryside, danced by girls with bows and the sentimental song Las Lambradas prevail.

Monuments +

Festivals and traditions +

Restaurants +

Visits around us +

adventure +

Standards and operation

How do we do it

With rural getaways we offer our clients accommodation in our rural house, for 4 people. A stay for which we propose cultural, gastronomic, active and natural experiences and activities in the Sierra de la Demanda and the Sabinares del Arlanza Natural Park.

Sometimes we also have getaways for 2 people . Consult our promotions or call us by phone.

We have grouped the proposals and experiences by theme and number of days . You can choose the number of days that you will be in our territory and see what activities we propose to integrate with the customs and inhabitants and take with you the best memories of your getaway here.

Deposit and conservation


In order to cover possible damages caused in the rural house La Costana de Barbadillo, having already paid the full amount of the reservation, the client must pay at the time of arrival at the rural house 40% of the total amount of the getaway contracted as a deposit.

This deposit will be paid by credit card, bizum or in cash in the same rural house. And it will be returned in the same way at the end of the stay, after checking that everything is correct.


The CLIENT receives the House, pool and all the elements of the accommodation in optimal conditions of cleanliness and order, and is obliged to take care of it correctly.


THE CLIENT must leave and return the rural house in acceptable conditions of cleanliness and with all the furniture and belongings in the same state in which it was delivered by the owner. ESPECIALLY IF THERE ARE CHILDREN, THE CONDITIONS OF CLEANING AND CARE OF THE FURNITURE are mandatory.

At the end of your stay, the OWNER will check the goods and belongings of the house, as well as its cleanliness and order, in the presence of the guests.


The amount paid upon arrival as a deposit to guarantee the repair of possible damages, will be returned at the end of your stay, if at the time of returning the keys the house is in the same state in which it was delivered.

If the home suffers any damage by the CLIENT, said damage will be repaired or the amount of the repair will be paid by the CLIENT. In this case, the necessary part will be deducted from the deposit to cover the costs of repairing or replacing elements that allow the rural house to be returned to its original state.

If the cost of the repair or replacement of these objects is greater than the deposit, the deposit will not be returned and the payment of the damages will be left pending, until the evaluation of the same is achieved, being settled later.

Reception and entrance / exit

It is recommended that the CLIENT have the DNI of all guests at hand at the time of reception since we must inform the authorities of all the people who stay in the house, with complete data.
Upon arrival is when the client checks that everything is correct and the keys are handed over .

The entrance to the rural house will be from 5:00 p.m. on the first contracted day and departure until 12:00 p.m. on the last contracted day.

Occupation: IMPORTANT

The getaways involve a stay in our rural house. The Rural House is for 4 people, adults all of them. If you want to bring children you must specify this aspect previously by phone. Always a maximum of 4 people.

The Rural House can only be occupied with the number of people indicated in the reservation (both adults and children). In no case can this figure be exceeded.


In the event that the number of occupants of the rented house is greater than the number indicated in the contract and declared in the entry document and, consequently, of the registration forms that are delivered to the authorities, the OWNER reserves the right to right of admission and will notify the authority, exempting himself from any incident that may occur in the rural house, derived from an over-occupancy.

The house is provided with facilities, spaces and furniture according to the capacity with which it has been rented. Any improper use of the house will not entitle the CLIENT to any claim. On the contrary, in the event of any damage caused by improper use by the CLIENT, the CLIENT assumes responsibility and will have to pay the total cost of the repair that is necessary and the cost of cancellation for future clients if the damage does not allow the use of the house. in the reservation conditions.

Cancellation of reservations


If the cancellation or change of dates of the reservation is made 20 or more days before the date of entry, in all cases 100% of the amount delivered will be refunded except bank charges (if any) associated with the management of the return of the reservation. If the payment was made by credit card, the amount will be returned to the same credit card. The amount to be discounted will be 6% (in concept of 3% payment and 3% return).

It is at the discretion of ESCAPADAS RURALES LA COSTANA to refund the amount of the reservation, for cases in which the CLIENT refers to causes of force majeure and the notice occurs less than 20 days in advance.

In cases in which the amount of the reservation is not returned, it remains in deposit for one year and the CLIENT is offered the possibility of enjoying the getaway during that year, making use of the amount already paid and as long as there is availability. . If after a year, the CLIENT has not used the reserve, it will be permanently lost.

Rules of use and coexistence

The CLIENT undertakes to act with the utmost civility, respecting the environment, calm, nature, cleanliness and order of the house to respect the residents of the municipality.

The CLIENT and all the people staying in the rural house must respect the coexistence regulations that govern the municipality. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO DISTURB THE LIVES OF NEIGHBORS. We work for a quiet rural tourism, which preserves customs and traditions.

THE CLIENT cannot have parties or use any type of pyrotechnic material.

The CLIENT is responsible for the security in the pool, with the closing of the cover. The OWNER delivers the keys to the pool to the customer, along with the keys to the house. The rules of the pool must be followed at all times.

The CLIENT must be diligent and careful in the consumption of electricity, inverter air conditioning heating, water. The house has a hot sanitary water accumulator, which when used excessively will stop heating until it is replaced again.

The security of the building and homes is the responsibility of the client. In this sense, the CLIENT must try to leave the entrance door and windows tightly closed, especially when leaving, just as they would do in their own home.

The CLIENT must respect the furniture and facilities of the house. We like that all our guests, like you, find maximum comfort and cleanliness.

It is forbidden to leave garbage in the house, garden or on the street next to the entrance door. The CLIENT undertakes to throw their garbage bags in one of the containers for their deposit that exist in the surroundings.

In the face of evidence of VANDALISM, NOISE, RIOT, FOUNDED COMPLAINTS FROM NEIGHBORS or IMPRUDENT USE of the home and its belongings, the owners reserve the right to terminate the rental contract at any time, and the tenants must leave the property immediately.

The OWNER reserves the right not to accept or cancel stays that do not comply with the rules of coexistence, at any time and without the possibility of reimbursement.

The OWNER is not responsible for personal items deposited in the home by CUSTOMERS, as well as items that they may have forgotten.


  • Forbidden to enter with food or drinks. No running, jumping or rough play. Head diving is prohibited. Children under 6 years of age are not allowed to bathe alone.
  • Mandatory to shower before and after the bath. ATTENTION pool no lifeguard.


Rural house with barbecue in the garden. Use of the barbecue available all year round, although it is only possible to use it with charcoal, which will be paid by the client.

Indoor heated pool

The house has a covered heated pool, with dimensions of 8 m long by 4 m wide and 0.90 cm x 1.80 cm in the deep part.

THE CLIENT is responsible for security with the delivery of the keys.


  • Forbidden to enter with food or drinks. No running, jumping or rough play. Head diving is prohibited. Children under 6 years of age are not allowed to bathe alone.
  • Mandatory to shower before and after the bath. ATTENTION pool no lifeguard.

animal admission

Animals of any kind are not allowed . The owner reserves the right to make an exception for its acceptance solely and exclusively under his free decision, according to criteria for cleaning and conservation of furniture and belongings, upon request by the CLIENT, in writing and in detail, of the animal in question. .

non-smoking house

Smoking is not allowed inside the premises. It is a rural house for non smokers .
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Details in the kitchen

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    Recommended 100%. It was a gift from Kings to disconnect and it has far exceeded our expectations. A modern house that does not lack a detail both inside and outside with its swimming pool and fairytale garden. The tranquility since it is very well soundproofed, the distribution, the cleanliness...

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    We have spent this New Year's Eve in the Costana de Barbadillo and it has been an unforgettable stay, the house offers all the comforts imaginable both inside and outside, absolute tranquility in the environment and the possibility of visiting many nearby places of interest. Nothing has been missing...

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