Batalla de Atapuerca Escapadas rurales La Costana

Battle of Atapuerca

On August 20 and 21, 2022, the XXVII edition of the Historical Representation of the Battle of Atapuerca is celebrated in Atapuerca, which has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Castilla y León.

Neighbors, friends and sympathizers of Atapuerca are the soul of the BATTLE OF ATAPUERCA, a free show that is held outdoors and for all types of public in rigorous direct.

The Battle of Atapuerca is a historical representation in a space next to the Camino de Santiago. The Battle of Atapuerca occurred on September 1, 1054 on the plain in front of the Sierra de Atapuerca between Fernando I, King of León and Count of Castile, and his brother García Sánchez III "el de Nájera", King of Pamplona, ​​both sons. of Sancho III the Greater.

VOLUNTEERS: The Sierra de Atapuerca Volunteer Camp, which will collaborate with the XXVII Historical Representation of the Battle of Atapuerca, has already opened the registration process. More information and registration: HERE

medieval market

The recreation also has a medieval market. Located in the pedestrian square and surroundings of the center of the town of Atapuerca (Burgos), the town of Atapuerca will become the epicenter of the 11th century for a weekend, where the reigns and armies of the King of León and his brother the King from Pamplona will be the protagonists, encouraging people to relive the historical event that occurred in the year 1054. It is planned with an animation and revitalization program (performances, parades, gigantons….)


Fields are allocated in the surroundings of the municipality, so it is recommended not to park inside the urban area.