Festival de verano de Clunia Escapadas rurales La Costana

Clunia Summer Festival

One week, from August 12 to 20, 2022, full of various activities such as music, dance, theater and circus in a unique setting, the Clunia Roman Theater.

The ruins of the Theater are located in the town of Peñalba de Castro and it is the most important Roman Theater in the north of the Peninsula.

The schedule will close soon. Six comedy shows (Tartuffe and Lazarillo de Tormes), contemporary tragedy (Elektra. 25), gospel (In concert), contemporary circus (Le grenier) and comedy ballet (El enfermo imaginario) are the shows pending programming.

As for the tickets, they usually have a price of €15, and there is also a subscription for 4 shows.

Clunia website http://www.clunia.es/
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