Fiesta de los Jefes en Santo Domingo de Silos Escapadas rurales La Costana

Festival of the Chiefs in Santo Domingo de Silos

On the last Saturday of January, in Santo Domingo de Silos, this festival is celebrated, which has been declared of regional tourist interest.

They commemorate the victory or triumph of the inhabitants over the Muslim invasion mixed with the tradition of running the roosters. A staging of the feat is carried out and is accompanied by barbs, parades, "the crests", horsemen's race in San Antón, little boys' runs through the town carrying torches...

On the morning of the last Saturday of January, the people gather in the square. It is time to go look for Los Jefes at their respective homes. Among the crowd, you will observe how there are two groups of people who stand out for their clothing. The men dressed in Castilian capes are the commissioners of the festival and are usually all the heads of the family in the town. The children dressed in sheepskin vests and leggings and carrying cowbells are the representation of the cattle that during the fake fire in Silos were in charge of causing as much noise and disturbance as possible. Driven by the martial air of the drum, they proceed to pick up the Knife, the Standard Bearer and finally the Sergeant. The procession is complete, we head to the Monastery, where the Community receives us in the patio of San José. There, the standard-bearer demonstrates his expertise and the emblematic cry of the entire party is sung repeatedly: Long live our devotion to the sweet name of Jesus and Mary!

(Santo Domingo de Silos Town Hall website)

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