Within the town of Barbadillo you can visit the Town Hall, the Hermitage of San Juan Bautista, with important pre-Romanesque remains and notable reminiscences of the Mozarabic, of great interest due to the arrangement of its ashlars and the shape of its main access in a horseshoe arch, of Hispano-Visigothic origin. Its walls have different inscriptions, some of which could date back to the 9th century.

The parish church of San Pedro, with a high baroque tower. It dates from the 16th century.

The roman bridge. The bridge is without service because there is already a road that avoids the passage through it. Previously it was a great means of communication.

Market Barbadillo Roll

This town became part of Burgos in 1255 by donation from Alfonso X. In 1758, the city requested permission to sell the town, and, after various problems, in 1759 Barbadillo bought its autonomy as a council from the Burgos Regiment for 40,000 reales. It is in this year when the scroll will be raised as a symbol of absolute jurisdictional independence.

The roll rises in the center of the square, in front of the church, on four square steps. It consists of a grooved shaft, the result of joining two large drums. Above the collar stands a square body on which rests a pyramid slightly recessed on its four sides and ending in a barely perceptible ball. The existence of an iron indicates that it was also used as a pillory, hanging from it a ring for the condemned.

Piscina climatizada con cascada

Rural getaway for 4 people to La Costana de Barbadillo

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